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We are a small hobby breeder who wants to share the love of raising a Golden Retriever with the world. We started off with Sam, an American Golden Retriever. Sam became the love of my life right from the start.  When we were looking for a second Golden, we found Bella, an English Cream Golden Retriever, who immediately bonded with Gary over the 1300 mile cross country trip, and has been "Daddy's Girl" right from the start!  Sam and Bella  instantly became "our children" and have been spoiled ever since. We were so happy with them, that we expanded our family to include many more Golden's,  and they are all spoiled too! We love them all so much that we purchased a 5 acre piece of land and have built them a 2500 sq ft dog house.  We are happy to announce that we have finally made the permanent move on Thanksgiving of 2022. The dogs have a house before we do! :) Sadly, we lost both Bella & Sam in 2021 so they were not able to enjoy all the space that was meant for them. Their legacy lives on in all their children and grandchildren, and in our hearts.

All of our puppies are well socialized, vet checked and sold with a Florida Health Certificate, wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks  and receive their first set of puppy shots. By Florida law, puppies can not be sold before they are 8 weeks old. 


If you are interested in one of our puppies, please contact us by clicking the above contact tab. 



All of our Pups are AKC Registered, and will be sold with Limited Registration only.




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